Sunday, 7 August 2011

In an eggbox, far, far away

Here goes Luke Skywalker into hyperspace...

Or is it merely a Common or Lesser Common Rustic questing into the heart of a Morrison's eggbox?

The latter I am afraid; it is a humdrum time for moths at the moment, dominated by these two pals: the Yellow Underwing (of many sorts) and the wasp. They seem to get along, being comparably whoozy from the mercury vapour lamp and a good night's sleep. This would be as stupefying as a good day's sleep for us, moths being nocturnal.

For all that the yellow underwings are as common as muck, their beauty should not be ignored. Look at this fine, sturdy Lesser Broad-bordered one (I think, but you know me). They also deserve doffed caps for their vigour in the UK, even if it is comparable to the similar success of, say, brambles. I got the latest edition of the totally fab magazine Atropos yesterday (a birthday present from my younger son), and its table of the country's commonest garden moths in 2010 is headed by the Large Yellow Underwing with the Lesser Broad-bordered in 9th place and the Lesser at 18th.

Plenty of other things are arriving as well. Here to end with is what I believe to be a Common Carpet. But as as I just said, you know me...

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