Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Interesting fact about Birmingham

A hasty welcome if you've come here via my shameless plug on Twitter as I wander central Birmingham on Trouble Patrol. All is well tonight and will stay that way, I hope. I also hope you'll visit Birmingham if you've not been lately, and also the Black Country to the west.

The city is very fine, with the nobility of Chamberlain Square and a lovely restored area of canals around Gas Street basin where President Clinton had a pint at All Bar One. Sitting here also reminds me of the fascinating work of Bunny Teagle in founding the familiar modern concept of urban wildlife trusts with his 1978 study of Black Country wildlife, The Endless Village. Thanks for info to the country's second most famous BBC - the Birmingham and Black Country wildlife people.

I have just Googled 'Birmingham Moth' and here is the first entry on Google Image. It is of Mr J.Moth, author of The City of Birmingham Baths Department 1851-1951 published in the latter year. Much further down is an actual moth, one of my favourites - the Merveille du Jour. Many thanks to Opal West Midlands - Wildlife on your patch. Here it is:


worm said...

is that a british moth? its beautiful!

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Worm!

It's fabulous isn't it? Though the very common Marbled Beauty actually runs it close. Lots of Yorkshire trappers get the M du J regularly, but not me so far. I live in hope. this makes a nice change from covering the troubles...

all warm wishes