Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Look what the wind's blown in

High winds require strong flyers, and here's one which arrived on cue. The other week, I recorded my first-ever brunnea form of the Lime Hawk moth; now here is one of the normal type, much more greeny than brown. From their size, I think that both are males, so there will certainly be females out there too. But they seem to have decided to stay at home which is the prudent thing to do in current conditions. Penny and I walked up to the shops yesterday evening and small branches were hurtling down all over the place.
Earlier, I spent an enjoyable hour motionless on the M62 with Guardian colleagues, right by the famous Stott Hall farm which lies between the carriageways where they cross Moss Mire moor. Contrary to legend (alas) this was not the result of some doughty Yorkshireman or woman holding out against HMG. The alignment of the motorway follows the only places in the treacherous bog where the roads could be safely 'floated' on the peat. At least one of those huge excavators sank for ever in the surrounding morass.

Other visitors here, which I will identify at leisure unless (yes please..) Ben or another of my much-appreciated pals does it for me. Two Carpets of some sort and one of the Wainscots, I think. ("Do you know the Wainscots? Charming people...") Up above on the right, though, one I do know: a Lesser Swallow Prominent which took the old saying about 'moths to the lamp' literally.


Bennyboymothman said...

Hello Martin

Keep the posts coming! you must be bearing the brunt of this bad weather where you are situated, luckily we haven't been hit too hard here in the south-east.
Your moths are Pale Pinion (nice) Common Marbled Carpet and Silver-ground Carpet.

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Ben!

Thanks so much, I really appreciate your help. I look at the book til my head spins, but things such as Carpets just fox me. There's another one on the latest blog, but I think I may have tracked that down as a Broken-barred. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Warm wishes as ever