Sunday, 1 May 2011

Famine after the feast

It's interesting how the contents of the trap can vary, usually because of the warmth or otherwise of the night, and sometimes depending on where I site the light. Last night was pretty chilly and I chose a rather obscure nook. The results were: one White Ermine (see post below), one Hebrew Character (posts passim), one pug (ditto) and one Common Quaker.

So here's a Royal interlude to mark the wedding extravaganza; another Common Quaker posing patriotically by the Union Jack which decorates some of my eggboxes. And a picture of our loyal if somewhat eclectic bunting, below. Below that is my family's claim to semi-Royal status: Kate Middleton's great-aunt was my Mum's bridesmaid (have I boasted about this before? If so, sorry, but here we go again).

Such links are not fantastically unusual in Leeds, where the Middletons have lots of connections, just as they seem to be related to everyone in Country Durham on her mother's side, including Pete Beedle, proprietor of Beedle's Chippy in Bishop Auckland, who is KM's second cousin once removed. But for the record, the pic below shows my Mum on the left with the comic, and Kate's great-aunt Margaret, second from right, with their teacher Corky. The other little girl on the right, looking a bit grumpy although not as cross as the balcony bridesmaid on Friday, is my late, lovely Anuntie Anne.


sarah meredith said...

Hi Martin,
I think you and Penny should have been among the invited guests on Friday given that close connection! I love the photo.
We had a lovely wedding day here - rose at 4 for scones and the pre-game, then watched right through to the balcony scene. We even sang along with "Jerusalem" which, oddly, was the anthem of choice at Lillian's school. The girls trotted it out along with their alma mater, "By Truth and Toil", at every possible occasion. Even the naysayers over here had to admit that the wedding was quite an extraordinary pageant and that nobody does it better. xxs

Anonymous said...

Oh you loyal Americans! Why did you leave us in 1776? Scones at 4am - that's really impressive. we had sandwiches (actually very nice semi-Royal ones made by P and with their edges cut off) at lunchtime. But yes, it all went really well and you'f have to be very curmudgeonly to begrudge them their happiness and their Big Day.

Happy memories of ours - and doubtless yours, and all the other weddings

x from both of us (having morning tea and about to do today's - exciting - blog...