Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Like a little Crusader

I went down to Chelsea Flower Show yesterday, on business, and enjoyed the lovely mixture of people out in the May sunshine amid a million garden gadgets. There were a few flowers as well, but they never seem to be the centre of attention, any more than they are at Harrogate. In that regard, I have to say that I prefer little local shows such as Adel, where I once came second in the children's miniature garden class. More recently, I actually won the novices' flower arranging class at Horsforth flower show, beating some nuns which I felt rather bad about.

Anyway, this by way of apology for not having trapped the last couple of nights, what with the winds raging recently as well. So I've delved back to the weekend when I was visited by what Google suggests is a Juniper Shield Bug, above. Aren't shield bugs great? They remind me of my Swoppet mediaeval soldiers long ago.

Also in the trap on Saturday and Sunday were this Scalloped Hazel, nigra form, with a liking for bubblewrap (above right) and what I think is a Broken-barred Carpet, left (thanks to Ben for identifying yesterday's mystery moths; I am trying to improve). The slumbering White Ermine below - not as dead as it may look - also obliged me with a close-up pose of its lovely colouring. Often, you don't see the yellowy-orange patterning when the moth is at rest.

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