Thursday, 16 September 2010

Treasures of the pool, and of Google

I'm easily distracted. But who wouldn't be, by sights such as this cenote, or jungle sinkhole, from T &A? It's called Ik Kil and allegedly 'contains the secrets of the baths of the Maya kings and their courtesans', according to its website which I've just visited. What shampoo did they use? How did you work the shower? And what on earth would I find if I set my moth trap there?

Humbler things here in Leeds. It was cold last night; even a glimmer of frost. There were about 50 moths slumbering away, though, mostly assorted yellow underwings still, several Dun-bars and a couple of  Silver Ys. I photographed this one because I think it shows why some people dislike moths. It looks very like a spider.

Marathon attempts to check yesterday's insect crop from Mexico continue. The pink dragonfly may be called, disappointingly, the Pink Dragonfly, but I haven't got much beyond identifying the butterfly as the Julia Helicon. Mexican butterflies have fabulous names: Montezuma's Cattleheart, Dainty Sulphur, Rusty Sister, Starry Cracker, Gold-stained Satyr, Many-banded Daggerwing...  Along the way, I also discovered this strange picture called A Mexican Boy Holding a Wallet and Being Surrounded by a Swarm of Moths. It's by Denis Holmes Design and comes from There must be a story here. I will probe.

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