Thursday, 23 September 2010

Paris in the autumn time

Bonjour! Je suis en Paris pour les vacances et des visites familiales avec ma mere venerable. Nous avons le soleil, le chaud - OUI le chaud - et aussi cet Small Copper a la musee de Quai Branly, pres de la Tour Eiffel. OK, that's enough showing off (although I'm not sure of the genders etc, and I also messed up with my camera on a more interesting butterfly; a small Blue of some kind, although being a female it was brown). It was flitting about in my cousin's garden at Le Pecq, where there were also plenty of Whites enjoying the truly impressive municipal blooms - great swags of flowers on lamp-posts, railings, everywhere - and not just in the main streets. Mum and I also observed this very large bee on escallonia hedges at Quai Branly which were smothered in flowers. It was like walking through a honey jar. Oh, and there was a Red Admiral at the Tunnel's entrance near Folkestone, inspecting the big painted signs on the approach road saying France.

(No Red Admiral in the pic btw. It had flown away).


flower delivery philippines said...

Pretty flowers! Wish I can see them personally, Anyway, can you add more information about those flowers. Thanks!


MartinWainwright said...

Hi Yumi

The flowers are Escallonia, often called 'Apple Blossom'. They are small but grow in clusters and make a lovely hedge. We have some in Leeds but they really thrive in warm climates. They also like the seaside. You'll find lots more on Google. Oh and they have a magnificent scent. Walking between the twin hedges at the Musee du Quai Branly was really wonderful. I liked your website btw. I wonder if anyone will send a moth for Grandparents' Day in the Philippines! Warm wishes M

philippines flower shop said...

Oh! Those flowers caught my attention. It seems you have a great flower gardens. How I wish I could have a cool garden like yours. Keep it up!