Monday, 20 September 2010

Return tripper

A small entry for a small moth. Here is a little micro (tautology? not necessarily, as some micro-moths are surprising large) which flew in and settled on the plastic collar. Belying my usual vagueness - see post below and others ad infinitum - I suggest that it is Dipleurina lacustrata, a member of the family Pyralidae and subfamily Scopariinae. This burst of erudition is thanks to a learned Commentor, Martin Harvey, when the same (or a very similiar) moth came to the trap on 30 September 2008 (see left). Both were out a month later than the authoritative website UK Moths suggests they should have been. Make of that what you will.  I called the 2008 one the Crossed Fingers moth, but the marking on this year's is not so distinct, either through wear and tear or because perhaps it is a cousin rather than the grandchild I presume it to be. 


worm said...

the spurred legs remind me somewhat of the white plume

MartinWainwright said...

You are a knowledgeable man! I am in Chartres. No moths but excellent puddings at the hotel. All v best M