Sunday, 29 August 2010

Silver screen

Excitement! After 316 posts, this blog proudly presents (I hope) its first film. If you're familiar with the Blogspot system, it has all these wonderfully simple icons and instructions (and all free) but I've never managed to overcome my suspicion and disbelief of the one which you click on, and a bubble comes up saying 'Add video'. I've also never had a video to add.

Yesterday, however, our excellent in-laws in Dorridge, Suri and Radha, emailed this mini-movie from Radha-iPhone productions of a Small Tortoiseshell which flew into their house and made strenuous efforts to get back to the sunshine. I've rated it PG, because the poor thing batters around a bit before perching on Radha's finger; and also the film ends before the actual happy ending, of the butterfly's safe release. This did, however, duly happen, so maybe there will be a sequel. Tortoiseshell 2 - The Open Air.

Here it is, anyway. Lights down, ice-cream girls withdraw. And I may pluck up courage and try to make my own film. Something like The Dispersal of The Yellow Underwings, because it would be the only really effective way of showing the hindwings which give the name, but are always hidden when the moths are at rest. Here we are. Hope it works...

The Butterfly with the Tortoiseshell Tattoo


PS Hooray! It did for me. Stand by for more of these, although I will try not to get carried away. Readers' films very welcome too


sarah meredith said...

what a gorgeous butterfly! and spectacular video! Kudos to your in-laws! I could send you a video I shot of Carole King singing "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman" at a concert in Madison Square Garden, but I think that it would be rather off-topic! BTW, I am now on your side of the pond for the next 10 weeks (Greg will be here the last two) so here in France I will be getting your blog in real time, as it were. xxs

MartinWainwright said...

Fantastique! Bienvenue a l'Europe! Un email va immediatement. That's great news. The only bad thing is that because of your message, P and I have been humming 'Might as well rain until September' all day...
It is a lovely butterfly, the Small Tortoiseshell, isn't it? We get to take them for granted, as they're not uncommon. Lillian may be interested that it figures here in the theatre tradition that a butterfly appearing from the curtains at the start of a run means good luck. Small Ts and Peacocks often come indoors to hibernate over winter, and theatres are nice cosy places with lots of drapes. More soon and love to all. Hoping for a Euro-meeting with you all. xM