Sunday, 8 August 2010

The empire strikes back

More Paxos? Not today, although I'll be going back there a couple more times before settling into the usual moth trap regime. No, today is proof that Leeds can fly its flag proudly too so far as butterflies are concerned, given a sunny day. Yesterday was actually very mixed, in the usual mad English summer fashion, but for one lovely hour in the afternoon it was as warm as Greece. Out came these handsome visitors as a result: a Peacock, a Comma, a Green-veined White and a Gatekeeper or Hedge Brown. I also missed a Holly Blue and a really cracking, electric-blue and green dragonfly which was much superior to its relatives in the Ionian islands. Our buddleias are coming into bloom - the famed 'butterfly bush' - so we can expect more. Yum. I just took another look at the Peacock and, honestly, don't you think you could hardly design a more perfect butterfly?


JRandSue said...

Very nice collection Martin,we hope to stick our Moth Trap out tonight,so fingers cross.
Hope to have a good one.

MartinWainwright said...

Hi there! Good luck indeed! I don't think I'll be trapping for a few more days, cos the Paxos (and other matters) backlog is rather large...

Much as I love moths, it's quite nice to have a butterfly break. They are so lovely and bright.

All warm wishes