Monday, 9 August 2010

The naming of moths

What about moths, you may be saying - isn't this supposed to be a moths blog? And you are right. Butterflies have lured me away since getting back from Greece, but there were moths on Paxos as well. Not as many as I expected, though. Our outside lights lured only a handful and we didn't see as many in the car headlights as you do in Yorkshire on warm summer nights. It may be that the almost-monoculture of olives on the island plays a part here; our guidebook said that both bird and insect life is richer on little Antipaxos (fab beaches) where people have grown grapes more than olives. But both islands have plenty of maquis and gardens, so maybe it was just a matter of the moths remaining discreet, as moths generally tend to be.

Here's a selection anyway. I don't know what they are, but we named them the Vain Moth (examining itself in the shower room mirror, above, with shadowy Penny in the background), the Pool Edge Moth (is it a False Mocha?), the Bedroom Cupboard Moth (actually I think it's a Paxiot version of the Engrailed) and the Outside Light Moth. Penny found all but one of them. I think that I have grown lazy because of the moth trap, and she is the main spotter now. This series also gives a moment in the limelight to my other trusty helper, our Canon Ixus camera (below) whose ability to focus in my quavering hands is a constant source of wonder and joy.

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