Friday, 2 July 2010

Habitat moth

Here's the Angle Shades, another friend to this blog because it's so distinctive. The name makes me think of shopping expeditions to Habitat and John Lewis in early married days (Penny is a great expert on subtle house lighting, whereas I am - or rather was - a single-bulb-without-a-shade sort of person). I remember commenting previously on this moth's tendency to rest in a tilted position which looks as if it has just made an emergency stop and here (above) it is again in that classic pose. I've also had a call from its near-namesake the Small Angle Shades which looks surprisingly different but my pic of it isn't very good so I think I'll wait before introducing it to the limelight. Interestingly for those who study animal camouflage, the Angle Shades shares the military patterning, and wing shape, with the Lime Hawk. Indeed, the latter would be a better candidate than the Small Angle Shades as a brother moth, albeit an older and beefier one.

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