Monday, 21 June 2010

The wide, wide tadpole world

Midsummer Day! How lovely, and it really is lovely here and the forecast is lovely too. Joy as well for a selection of tadpoles (above) from our tiny pond which have been liberated in the bigger one - recently relined by the brilliant Creative Waterscenes of Bradford (, as in the post several clicks below. We had a ceremony yesterday to carry out the transfer, with our in-laws and a cousin and her fiancee and our two grannies. Now we need more weed, so it's off to the Leeds-Liverpool canal.

Meanwhile, this is turning temporarily into a Central American moth blog. Following-up the very interesting Comments on the post immediately below, here is Tom's emailed picture of a Ten Quetzal banknote from Guatemala.

As he says, it really is a case of "is it a plane? Is it a bird? No! It's Superquetzal!" Tom also provided the translation for Quetzlcoatl, 'Plumed Serpent', which I should have remembered from my A level English days and D H Lawrence (though - in an italic whisper - I haven't actually read the novel..)

Meanwhile, one of my many lovely nieces, Rosie, who is also roaming Central America, has been inspired to send me some of her moth pics, including this outstanding creature, apparently fleeing from her below. It could be some sort of Starbucks logo for a moch-ed latte, but shhh, don't tell them, because that would spoil its beautiful innocence. Rosie is the sister of Jessie who sent those great pics from Borneo for the blog earlier this year. Don't they get around, young people these days?

Tomorrow: why don't birds and slugs eat our wild strawberries?

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