Thursday, 17 June 2010

One man went to mow

Lawn-mowing continues intermittently, between Guardian jobs. This actually comes to you from Pizza Express in Newcastle where I am covering the weird and wonderful case of the jewellery-laden North East oddball who is accused of stealing a rare Shakespeare First Folio from Durham Cathedral. Anyway, I was discoursing in previous posts about the number of moths which are out and about during the day in June, when days cover most of the 24-hour cycle in the UK and night-time is very brief. Lo and behold! As I emptied my Flymo yesterday, what should I find but the season's very first Yellow Underwing, a miraculous survivor of the machine's whirling blade. Here it is, inside the grass collecting box, recovering from its ordeal. Regular readers will know that yellow underwings try my patience by their overwhelming numbers, so calls for restraint in mowing would cut little ice here, I fear. If it ever comes to a showdown between a neat English sward and the yellow underwing, I am a lawnista every time.

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