Thursday, 4 September 2008

Slowly but surely

It's cold and wet and this is bad for moths but good for snails. Fortunately I walk about 1000 times faster than a snail and so I beat this one to the top of the trap. I don't think snails eat moths but they probably enjoy all the bits and bobs and tiny flies which end up in the big black plastic bowl. The moth at the top looks nothing much from a distance, but its antennae are lovely, aren't they? I hadn't actually noticed 'til I Photoshopped the picture below.
I thought 'til then the moth was an Engrailed, but I reckon the antennae mean that it's a Grey Scalloped Bar. Jax will tell us. Snails are phenomenal climbers. We often see them creeping up our bedroom windows, miles (for a snail) above the ground. Where are they going? Is this further proof of magnetism being the Unknown Force?

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