Sunday, 14 September 2008

How now, Lord Vader...

Back in Leeds, although I had to nip up to Kendal to give a talk, so the trap only started at 1am. But Lo! An interesting arrival. This is the Dark Lord of the Rustics, the Black Rustic. Isn't the patterning great? When you see it at first, your eye is caught by the golden toenail mark. I've magnified that in this first little pic.

But thanks to the power of digital cameras (may the Force be with them), you can see the hideous visage of Darth Vader lurking behind in the assorted shades of black and very dark grey. The shape is right too. Was this the inspiration for George Lucas great epic? Part of it, maybe.
Note also the three or four golden dots on the leading edge of the forewings. Ooooooooh! Shudder!

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