Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Thumbs down

Perhaps unwisely, I assume that everyone is delighted and impressed by the regular appearance of my thumb in the photographs here. Not so this Small Rivulet, above, which did a panic-stricken runner, or flutter, when I slid a thumb under the transparent trap cowl on which it was perching.

My hope was to show how tiny the moth is; half the size of my thumbnails, but I'm afraid the experiment didn't work. All went well, however, when I moved from the tiddlers to the jumbos. Here, in beautiful harmony, are my thumb, one of my fingers, a Poplar Hawk and a Privet Hawk and my pyjamas.

It was also nice to see one of those weird-looking creatures, a Pale Prominent, perched on the edge of the trap bowl and looking like a fragment of Cadbury's Flake, albeit gone that milky colour which chocolate goes when it gets old.

Another interesting spot was chosen by this Dusky Sallow:

And right on top of the rainshield, simple but brilliantly effective invention of Mr & Mrs Robinson who designed the Robinson Trap, was this Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing: Update: Sorry, it's a Least Yellow Underwing - many thanks for correction in Comments.

Finally, tucked up in an eggbox, we have a fine, russet-coated gentleman which I believe to be a Lesser Broad-bordered Underwing. But I am often wrong. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Martin.

I would be inclined to think your second Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing might actually be a Least Yellow Underwing. LBbYU apparently doesn't vary much from what your first one looks like, especially the pale band at the front of the head, which is diagnostic.

Trent Duval said...

Hiya Martin
I agree, Least Yellow Underwing for sure.

Martin Wainwright said...

Thanks so much both - apols for the delay in replying. I will update straight away. all v best, M