Sunday, 19 July 2015

Catching up

I'm just going to have a bit of a catch-up today, featuring recent arrivals in the trap which I've failed to catalogue to date. The first is that pretty and prettily-named micro-moth the Beautiful Chine-mark. By contrast, below, is the darker attractions of the Shaded Broad-bar.


The next moth, the Common Rustic (or Lesser Common; they are indistinguishable to the layman or woman), comes in a bewildering range of patterns and seems to me to deserve a more inspiring name. Mind you, you could say that common and lesser common rustics of the human kind have been unfairly dismissed and scorned in ages past.

The Dark Arches, which is the subject of the next two pictures, will remind anyone with connections to Leeds of those famous cellars, tunnels and gloomy labyrinths beneath the Queen's Hotel which bear the same name. This is a very common arrival at the moment in the eggboxes, which are crawling with moths in the benignly warm nights of July. But its complicated and graceful patterns should not be overlooked just on that account.

I'll add the rest with simple captions because, once again, the time for making early morning tea is well past. Help with those questioned-marked much appreciated as always.Yet more moths arrived last night, in large numbers, so the game of catch-up will go on.

Udea olivalis

Clouded Brorder

Buff Arches

Poplar Grey

Anania coronata

Small Dotted Buff


Another Poplar Grey

Blue-bordered Carpet?

Marbled Minor?

Dark Umber?

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