Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Foolish beetle

Any coleopterist know what it is?

When Penny trilled upstairs. from her mission to refill our morning tea: "There's a huge beetle on the stairs", I naturally smelt a rat. What is today's date, for goodness sake?

But this was no April Fool. A large beetle was indeed trying to burrow its way to safety in the far corner of one of the treads. After a brief photographic sesh with our snazzy new Panasonic Lumix camera, I let it on its way, murmuring Isabella's entomological lines from Measure for Measure:

The sense of death is most in apprehension;
And the poor beetle, that we tread upon,
In corporal sufferance feels a pang as great
As when a giant dies.

Good news, meanwhile. A new mercury vapour bulb for the trap is at last ordered and so normal service should resume within days. Stand by for Martin's Moths of 2015...


Bennyboymothman said...

Hi Martin.
It is a Tenebrionidae.
Probably a Darkling Beetle of somekind.

Martin Wainwright said...

Many thanks Ben and a Happy New Year! Is that a record for lateness or what? Hope you are well and the moths likewaise. I aim to be up and trapping by next week. At last.

All warmest, Martin