Sunday, 26 April 2015

First swallow

Our ducks are still here, waddling around behind us in search of bread, old porridge and even Special K which we've found deep in cupboards and sprinkled on the lawn. I should be satisfied with this but I have to admit that I'd also like swallows to come here and set up home. A neighbour has them every year and in 2013, enjoyed watching them raise four broods. We will try to provide suitable crannies this year.

Meanwhile here's the first Swallow Prominent of the season, a beautiful moth with a sleek, sportscar-like appearance when at rest. It passed a lonely night after I set the trap very late and in drizzle - very welcome from the garden point of view after a long period without any rain. There was also a Brindled Beauty in the eggboxes and two Hebrew Characters but that was it.

We were late home because of a very enjoyable evening at Kirtlington Film Club, our first experience of village hall films - brilliantly organised with flawless screening, chairs grouped at tables, bring your own food and drink and even little posies of Spring flowers on each table. Much as I enjoy Odeons etc, this was definitely a cut above. The film, Boyhood, was good too.

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