Monday, 16 February 2015

All quiet on the moth-ern front

Hello for the first time in 2015 - and apologies for the inertia here. Life's been busy, the weather hardly conducive to mothy excitement and, most significant, my bulb went, possibly after sterling work as a Christmas bauble (see previous post).

I'm not in any hurry to get going, as it happens, with reports on the sterling Upper Thames Moths blog pretty sparse since Christmas, and the mornings only just beginning to get light enough to tempt me out of doors at the earlyish hour which trap inspection requires. However, I will get myself sorted to email Watkins & Doncaster for a new mercury vapour bulb and probably start operations in early March.

Meanwhile I was mulling over my situation and Holman Hunt's painting The Light of the World, which hangs just down the road in Keble College, Oxford, floated into my mind. Via the wonders of modern technology I have adjusted it to show how things feel here. I also adjusted the halo, since I do not deserve one of those.

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