Thursday, 3 July 2014

Rush hour

The trap was so full this morning that it was tricky to get a photo of an individual moth without several more creeping about or slumbering in the background. That included this pair of Drinkers, Mrs on the left and Mr on the right, which look as though they've had a domestic spat and aren't talking to one another for the time being.

New species for the year and sometimes new to me altogether continue to arrive, including this Slender Brindle which I discovered by lucky chance. A couple of neighbours came round yesterday afternoon and we had a look at the trap in its gloomy outhouse sanctuary from inquisitive birds. That's when I found the moth which I had missed earlier.

Last night I placed the trap among our burgeoning veg and the parsnips in particular seemed to attract visitors too timid or cunning to actually enter the bowl. They included the handsome Large Twin Spot Carpet above and, deeper into the foliage, the Scalloped Oak below.

My other new arrivals included a cluster of Brown-line Bright-eyes, the alter ego of the Bright-line Brown-eye which has been a familiar guest for weeks. Here are a couple, the first in crowded circumstances and the second showing its rakish angles off on its own.

The next one is new to me, I think, a lovely, rather rosy moth which I will try to identify over my tea. My pyjamas go rather well with it, I think, a combination of colours which might appeal to those upmarket paint suppliers, Farrow & Ball. 

Ditto this attractive chap or chapess which has a wealth of intricate colour and patterning reminiscent of a complex William Morris foliage wallpaper.

Then we've this little creature with its prominent V which I think is the micro Anania perlucidalis and to finish things off for today, two pictures added for sheer pleasure: a Barred Straw communing with a Green Pug (plus my crooked finger on the camera button in the background) and that exquisite little gem, a Barred Yellow.


Bennyboymothman said...

Hello Martin
I come racing through the clouds of moths we are getting at the moment!

Your Large Twin Spot Carpet is a Shaded Broad-bar, we had about 10 of these last night in a nature reserve, really fresh at the moment.

Further down your Rosy Moth is a Clay.
The other one is a Coronet.

Have a good day....I may need help with some of the micros I have eeek!

Martin Wainwright said...

Ben that's beyond the call
Thanks so much!

More blunders by me put right by you. Will amend when I can

All v best