Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Moody whites

I thought initially that the Scarce Silver Lines was back when I went to the trap and saw a shapely moth clinging to the lower side of the transparent collar. Instead it was another lovely new arrival for the year, a White Satin.

Readers of a certain age will remember the Moody Blues' song Nights in white satin which was, well, moody and extremely catching. Maybe they were influenced by this beautiful creature with its immaculate gown and striking fluffy mop, all pure white. If moths had Persil adverts, this would be their star.

The outfit might not work completely, though, if it was entirely monochrome but look, what about those handsome zebra crossing leggings? After taking initial photographs, I went back indoors and read in the Moth Bible that this striping extends to the antennae in the male. As the book says, these are 'strongly feathered and black in the centre with white edges.'

You can see them in the top two pictures which I took later after revisiting the trap and finding the White Satin still in the Land of Nod. I had to wake it to persuade it to brandish its feathers for me. It calmed down after inspecting my wedding ring and I carefully laid it under a shrub afterwards and hummed a bit of the Moody Blues to help it back to sleep.


Countryside Tales said...

It must be fluffy white moth time of the year- I've got a yellow tail asleep on my wall this morning. I remember the song and smiled at the image of you humming the white satin back to sleep with it :-)

MartinWainwright said...

Hello there and apols for long delay. Summer seems to bring extra duties, specially in the garden.

Yellow Tails are lovely, aren't they. I still await my first this year.

On the subject of great old tunes, I've been humming the Stones' Poison Ivy after posting this morning about Chamomile Sharks...

You can't get the Sixties out of your head

all warmest as ever