Friday, 27 June 2014

Green and Black (but not the mints)

Back at base now and a nice new moth arrived last night; one I've not seen here before which is a relatively unusual thing to happen. It's a Blackneck, well-named though it might also be called a Black Neck & Spot, or Spots. It has a much rarer cousin called the Scarec Blackneck, also well-named because you are only likely to meet it in small, rocky and coastal parts of the West Country.

The trap was well-filled in spite of overnight rain. I placed i prudently in a tree-shaded area with nettles and the remains of cow parsley for added protection.  Hawk moths are still arriving - Privet, Poplar and Elephant this morning - but the novelties for this year included the Swallowtailed and Common Emerald moths below.

Seeing as how I like green moths very much, here's a nice Green Pug for your delectation and a Burnished Brass, slightly ageing (like me).  Both species are frequent returnees.

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