Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Help, anyone!

I don't feel too stupid asking for help in identifying this battered old soul, above, which was in the trap this morning along with a Dotted Border and a Clouded Drab. I'd hoped to crack it from books or the web because of what appear to be distinctively raked wings; but I can't see anything which gets me shouting 'Bingo!'  My best guess is a Lead-coloured Drab.  I'd be much obliged for anyone else's views.  Update: Many thanks to Ben and Dave for kindly sorting this out in Comments. It's a Common Quaker and if I'd looked more carefully at the one in the previous post, I'd have seen that nice bit of skirting pattern on the wing edge. I think I get misled and baffled by the colours, and need to look more closely at such things as wing shape and pattern. But will I ever..?  Thanks v much again, both.

The trap started the night excitingly, with a revival source of light - and much-needed warmth - from the embers of our bonfire.  It had been a good day in many respects; we were able to cross the Cherwell for the first time since December on a walk with friends; on reward was a long and mutually curious encounter with this Roe (I think) Deer.

Here are the other two moths and I must now go and have a shower, breakfast and all the rest.


Bennyboymothman said...

Probably a faded Common Quaker Martin, judging the flight times, Lead-coloured Drabs aren't out yet.

David Shenton said...


I'm with Ben on the worn specimen - Common Quaker.



MartinWainwright said...

Thanks very much again, both. I've updated the post. Actually, you may be interested in a new moths blog - Upper Thames Moths at which has been set up by Upper Thames Butterfly Conservation. It's very good. I'm sending occasional summary posts and there are some wondrous experts locally, similar to yourselves, one of whom, Peter Hall, has also put me right on the Common Quaker. I wish I could reciprocate! all v best as ever, M