Sunday, 23 February 2014

Coffee time

The Dotted Border, which called again on Friday night, is a lovely moth which might make an excellent symbol for the likes of Costa or Starbucks.  Here are a couple of pictures of the most recent arrival which perched quietly on th edge of the bulbholder and could easily have scooted off had it not been fast asleep.

Are moths' eyes always open? The question is prompted by the second picture. I haven't time for a full scientific inquiry at the moment but I found this, which I rather liked, on the website and I hope that it's true:

Butterflies always have their eyes open, since they do not have eyelids and they probably do not dream. It's more like a deep rest without sleep. Like yoga!

Here, back on earth, is a picture of my most recent Flat White coffee on which a Dotted Border could probably camouflage itself.

Two non-mothy things: shown above is another use for eggboxes - chitting seed potatoes. And why don't the birds of this part of Oxfordshire like fat balls? Ours is turning into a little hanging garden of Kidlington.

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