Monday, 19 August 2013

Rise and shine

I mentioned yesterday that bright colours are one of the characteristics used to mark out butterflies from moths, but warned that there are many exceptions to this rule. Here are a couple from the trap this morning.

The Canary-shouldered Thorn in the top two pictures is brighter than any Brimstone butterfly and the metallic glimmer of the Burnished Brass which follows has no equal in UK butterflies. You need to go to Central or South America to find butterflies which shine like that.

The Gothic is a favourite of mine for a different reason: the beauty and symmetry of the delicate pattern. (Update: actually it's a Feathered Gothic - see Comment from Dave to whom, once again, many thanks - but my approval applies for the same reasons). And my final moth, an everyday Common Carpet, repays a couple of clicks on the image - to enlarge it - and prolonged contemplation.


David Shenton said...


Love the Canary, had my first of the year this weekend too.

I think your gothic is Feathered.



MartinWainwright said...

Ah thanks v much Dave. I'm very pease with that correction cos Feathered is new to me. Much obliged as always. Will update shortly. All v best M