Monday, 26 August 2013

Golden morning

I nearly didn't put the trap out last night after a busy day, but I'm glad I did. As so often in the past, I was rewarded this morning by a large and interesting collection of arrivals, including some  vividly-coloured newcomers.

The first and subject of my picture bonanza is a Gold Spot or Lempke's Gold Spot (the differences require minute examination to sort out), a small but splendidly attired moth which likes canals and damp places and has therefore chosen wisely in seeking us out. Its gold spots are so rich that they look painted-on and as with the Burnished Brass and other moths with complicated reflector scales on their wings, they catch the light at different angles in a satisfactory way.

Then comes a Bordered Beauty, another bewitching combination of pattern and colour, and the season's first Frosted Orange, a moth found in areas of disturbed weeds which again makes our garden highly suitable. Following them up below, here's a Small Waved Umber and a Snout with its Pinocchio nose.

And to end up with, one of the first examples of piggyback sleeping I've encountered in the trap, with a Mother of Pearl perced lightly on a slightly puzzled-looking brown relative on the transparent hood.


Countryside Tales said...

Love that frosted orange, would love to see one here. Let's hope the habit of you getting a moth and it coming here a day or two later continues (I had a feathered gothic this morning, so it looks promising!) :-)

MartinWainwright said...

Good luck with that! All v best M