Thursday, 6 June 2013

Back at the trap

Home again; and the nighttime brought these new arrivals, above and below. I think the first is a Lychnis and the second a Purple Bar. Both were familiar in Leeds and it's good to see them here in Oxfordshire too. (Hang on... check out the comment by Learned Dave, my invaluable expert friend. They are in fact a Shears and a Silver-ground Carpet. But I had both of these in Leeds too). PS I should have recognised the Shears from the marking halfway down its forewing which looks like the blades of garden secateurs or indeed shears, as shown above - and more distinctly in Townsend, Waring & Lewington).

The trap was also home to three White Ermines, such a delicately beautiful moth that I couldn't resist taking another picture - this one below, which initially had Penny thinking the moth was child-size and snuggled up in one of our Habitat armchairs whose fabric resembles the eggboxes', at least on a photograph.

Completing the tally, were two Pebble Prominents, five Green Carpets, a Chocolate Tip, a Maybug and this Red Twin-spot Carpet below, another small but finely-patterned regular.


David Shenton said...


Your new garden list is really coming along, send some down my way, things are still pretty slow down here.

Your first moth is Shears and the second is Silver-ground Carpet.

Happy trapping

Martin Wainwright said...

Thanks hugely, Dave, as ever. I am feeling very happy this morning (7th June) cos Common Swifts really have come to the trap now, following my misidentification of a Pine Beauty which you kindly put right.

I have told the moths to take a night-trip to Kent, on condition that they come back. Overall numbers here remain modest. I dread the arrival of the 'yellow underwings'...

all v best


Amanda said...

This is cool!