Friday, 26 April 2013

Out in the sun

Sorry about the delay in posting - life has been busy. But at least it's given time for the sun to come out and to provide me with a sequel to the last installment.

The sleeper wakes - number one
I mentioned then that I knew the whereabouts of a Peacock butterfly hibernating in Oxford. I revisited it yesterday in temperatures and sunshine worthy of June; and it had gone. But not far.

Here it is, wide awake and beating at the windowpane in that desperate way which many writers have used as a symbol of baffled frustration. I opened the window and off he or she soared. But that wasn't the end of the matter.

Revisiting the room an hour later, I heard the familiar hopeless flutter-flapping and there was a second Peacock. I helped it out but the flapping continued.

Peacock number two

Behind a grubby paint tin, there was a third. Marvellous how these creatures discreetly share the less frequently Spring-cleaned parts of our homes; but lucky that someone was around to make sure that the long winter sleep of these three ended happily.

And the last. All three are now roaming Oxfordshire (or doing their tiny bit to sustain a local bird or birds...


Banished To A Pompous Land said...

Just serves to remind me that for all the big bold butterflies on this side of the pond I still miss my UK favourite.

You've been busy? But Martin you retired !


Ray Walton said...

Mr Wainright

I was a little concerned at the length of your absence.
Glad you are back, and hopefully in good health, which applies to both you and your good Lady Penny.


sarah meredith said...

oh, how beautiful! bodes well for your life in Oxfordshire - hope the transition is going smoothly. Love to you both. xxs

MartinWainwright said...

Hi all - many apologies for the delay - the latest (next) post explains everything...

I'm agog to see how different the moths are in Oxfordshire from those in Leeds (once I have rediscovered my Moth Bible among the mountain of boxes)

Stand by...