Thursday, 11 April 2013

Getting better

More mothy pleasures last night and it's getting warmer too. First off, here's an example of the orange version of the Satellite which arrived conveniently one day after the white type - please see previous post if you want to compare.

Next, it's a pleasure to welcome 2013's first pug moth, this Brindled Pug which also serves to show how photography can change the colourway of a moth's patterns. I'm no expert on taking pictures, but approaching this moth from two different angles produces markedly different effects, as you can see.

And finally, here's the season's first Hebrew Character, a regular from March in normal conditions, with its name derived from the close similarity between its dark wing marking and the Hebrew letter Nun. You can read more, including an alleged encounter between God and a moth, on one of my ancient posts, here.

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