Saturday, 16 February 2013

More from Mexico

I have always wanted to see a Camberwell Beauty in the wild and now I think I have. My photograph below may not be good enough to clinch the matter, but I'm pretty sure that this butterfly on the banks of the quaint canals of Xochimilco, where we were punted about on our Mexican foray, is the genuine article.

Also in the Sadly Blurred section of my holiday snaps are these two greyish butterflies which flitted about in the woods behind Bahia de la Lunha (see yesterday's post).  I just couldn't get any nearer, much to my frustration.

I can't resist adding a few more exotic pics, albeit wholly non-entomological. Behold: bats, a small sand crab scuttling for its hole, Mr and Mrs iguana, a vulture, a wasp or bee of some kind and a flower which does at least resemble a sort of insect. They were all at the the bahia. And to round off, some wasps' nests in the otherwise appealing thatch which covers Huatulco airport terminal.

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