Sunday, 17 February 2013

Linked up

Just a footnote to yesterday's post. It's hardly an original observation, but today's linked-up world never fails to astonish and delight me. Rambling around on Google last night, in the hope of confirming my suspected Camberwell Beauty, led me to the great website iNaturalist on which I'm now signed up.

I got immediate confirmation that my guess was correct from two other members, one of them at Mexico's National Commission on the Knowledge and Use of Biodiversity, and so I am a happy bunny indeed.

Another side to this Internet Effect is that I suspect that it brings special excitement to those of us who are of, um, more mature years - the opposite of the usual state of things. The elderly are supposed to be cynical in the manner of Victor Meldrew; but with the web, it's the role of the young to say wearily when I'm jumping with joy: "Oh come on Dad/Martin/Mr Wainwright, surely you knew about that..."

Most satisfying.

Finally, a picture taken just before my Camberwell Beauty sighting.  This blog is mostly about the beauties of wildlife but I wouldn't want you to think that I have any doubts about humanity's ability to be colourful too. Especially in Mexico, a wonderful country which I urge one and all to visit, including Mexico City whose image in your mind may be far from the fascinating and hugely enjoyable reality.

My pic is of the hire boats which ply 180km of canals at Xochimilco, scene of my Camberwell Beauty sighting and the last remnant of the great lake of pre-Hispanic times. It's very like a huge and much hotter version of the hortillonnages at Amiens which I visited with my Mum in 2010. the year before she died, and which we (and our French co-navigators) greatly enjoyed.

Here's another picture of Xochimilco and a couple of Amiens too.

 Today is my Mum's birthday, so that's a nice coincidence to round things off.

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