Friday, 4 January 2013

The moth in the attic

I just unearthed a big box of Lego from the attic as part of our continuing early Spring clean, and inside it was this mummified Copper Underwing (or it may be a Svensson's CU; the difference is too close for me too tell).

Dead alas, but dead in a form which allows me to show you the reason for its name; something very hard to capture while the moth is alive.

Earlier today I achieved another of my Yorkshire Ambitions although quite unexpectedly. Joining friends for a walk around Eccup, that pleasantly-named hamlet on the north eastern edge of Leeds, we went close to the fake TV village used in the Emmerdale soap.

Here it is, complete with a red kite - one of many soaring around - inspecting possible carrion in a field of sheep. Before Yorkshire TV built the dummy deep in the grounds of Harewood House, the series was made at Esholt, the old Bradford sewage workers' village not far from our house. Because there was so much lanolin in Bradford's waste from the wool industry, the sewage works had huge presses to squeeze it out for makers of cosmetics - and, appropriately, soap.

You can't get nearer the fake one, I'm afraid, without loudspeakers starting up and ordering you off.


Ray Walton said...

I can sympathise with your dilemma Martin, but, as an enthusiastic novice, I am going to nudge this one towards a Svensson CU?
However, I am fully Prepared to be shot down by an 'experienced" Moth-er
Happy New Year to you and all your followers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks v much Ray - you're cleverer than I am!

all warm wishes for the New Year


James Borrell said...

very tough to ID!

Anonymous said...

Hi James - good to know I'm not the only one baffled. Now that my retirement's imminent, I'm looking forward to trying to master moth identification but I'm not over optimistic. Still, trying is the thing. They say...

All v best, M