Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Ice station moth - plus spying plans

I haven't actually tested this theory by putting out the trap - and maybe I will tonight - but if any moth is on the wing in the UK's current conditions, it must be mad. Still, whatever the cold and disruption, we are living temporarily in a winter wonderland. I know that snow pictures are all the same, but isn't it beautiful? And if you look carefully, you can see Penny's carefully trimmed Lonicera elephant.

Meanwhile, we were foraging in John Lewis in London at the weekend and I let out a small cry of excitement on seeing this:

Penny looked a little alarmed; but I have no wild ideas about having further children. I'm just very into the possibility of using one of these remote monitors later this year in the trap.  I wonder if you can hook them up to digital recorders, because I don't really want to stay up to watch live. But anyway, this could add a whole new dimension to my musing come may; and if I go for the version shown below, I can enrich the dozing moths' lives with soothing music and colours.

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