Thursday, 19 July 2012

Two of a kind

Two days ago I was speculating on how many Poplar Hawks we have here - the largest by a stretch of all the moths which come to the trap. Today we have part of the answer: at least two.

This raises the question of whether the moths can tune into the internet with those remarkable antennae, and have found Martin's Moths. What a thought. One of them at least was most obliging. It staggered across its eggbox (damp from the inevitable overnight rain) and in the process showed off the maroon blotches which relieve the species otherwise military grey.


worm said...

they are beautiful, and I love their grey, like dazzle campouflage

MartinWainwright said...

They are rather magnificent in a sinister way, aren't they? Like the canal submarine featured on the Guardian Northerner cos it's for sale.

Check out:

All warm wishes, M