Friday, 14 October 2011

Handsome latecomers

I rushed to the trap this morning after learning that the current wave of migrant moths has brought two new species to Yorkshire (details when I learn more), but no sign of such excitements here. There were three very handsome moths in residence, however, including this Feathered Thorn.

I'm inordinately pleased with the photo above, because it shows one of the beautifully feathered antenna which I hadn't noticed with my ailing eyes. This means that the moth is a male. I'm not surprised. As in the picture below, I thought it had a somewhat proud and peacocky masculine look. Its misty pal in the top picture is an Autumnal Moth.

Who doesn't like the Angle Shades, hands up? No-one, good. I'd have sent you to the back of the class. Two perfect specimens were sleeping away, each with that rakish look which makes them distinct from any other UK species.


Jane said...

I found a few of those handsome creatures recently , absolutely so beautiful , that is a wonderful photo of them

MartinWainwright said...

Hi there! They are fantastic aren't they? I also like the way they rest, posing at a steep angle like a crashed fighter plane. This may account for the name. I must research. There is a very good book on moth names but it's fearsomely expensive.

All warm wishes