Sunday, 9 October 2011

The eyes have it

We've been gadding off again, this time for a debut visit to the Spanish Costas, where the human life is every bit as enjoyable to watch as Mother Nature's. Here for example are some grandes beigneuses who would have had Cezanne in raptures.

They are bathing in mud, which Penny also did but I emphatically didn't. When you'd finished, you were supposed to complete the health-giving process by leaping into the cooler sea on the other side of a forlorn, East Anglian-style spit. But since you were greeted by hundreds of these, below, I didn't do that either.

As for the insects of Spain, there were these eyes. Look at this collection here. Tomorrow I will put up pics of the rest of their owners. Be afraid...

Be very afraid!

Beware, be scared, Hallowe'en is coming...

Be there!


Cyren said...

What is that gelatinous creature?

MartinWainwright said...

It's a jellyfish -n not a poisonous one though. Last year, before they put the swimming nets up for the season, the beach staff at that resort cleared out 150 tonnes of them. There doesn't seem to be a recipe for them so they ended up as fertiliser on the fields poor things

All v best