Friday, 24 June 2011

Dainty trio

A whole squadron of Light Emeralds overnighted here last night. They were waking up when I arrived with my camera and most of them scrambled and flitted off into our holly hedge before I could sort myself out. This one briefly crash-landed in the grass, however, and gave me enough time to do these top and bottom shots. Sorry the antennae are blurred, but you can scroll down to yesterday's post to see one in focus.

Less lively was this Clouded Border, a sweet little visitor which was on the outside of the plastic cowl and didn't want to leave even when I gently blew it off into the safety of the hedge. And lastly, here's a fine example of the ladies' fur coat brigade of moths, the Slender Brindle. Charlie Fletcher (see post below again for the benign effects of his moth learning) calls these Brenda Slindles. Watch out for that name in my popular novel, should I ever manage to write it.

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