Sunday, 19 June 2011

Bob's dynasty goes on

Rain continues to stop play, except indoors. No moths have fluttered inside from the gentle but continuous downpour, but here is (possibly) the great-grandson (or daughter) of Bob, our favourite spider who comes out to watch the News at Ten.

The sight of Huw Edwards seems to appeal to the family, as I showed in photos on posts in 2008, of the first post-Bob generation (left), and then last year of a putative grandchild (below, not for the squeamish). I've rather messed up the latest picture by pressing the Enhance button on iPhoto, which turned the colours a bit lurid. I haven't found an Undo button to click, so there we are.

Great-grandchild is living currently under the central heating pipes in our kitchen, and makes many bold sallies to help us with our usual vacuuming round. (Isn't that an odd-looking word, vacuum? Though it only comes from the Latin for empty, vacuus). It would be interesting, for the strong-stomached, to compile a list of all the creatures which share our house with us, from mites to bats. I read a book once called The Life that Lives on Man and was suitably appalled.


Iain Chambers said...

a splendid spider!
i like this particular family's hugh edwards addiction..

by the way - to undo an iphoto boob, it's just apple-z on a mac, or ctrl-z on a pc

MartinWainwright said...

Iain! You have transformed my (iPhoto) life! Many thanks indeed

all v best