Friday, 28 May 2010

I become a moth...

No pictures today because I am too tired. The reason? I have been a human moth, staying up all night to cover the Thirsk and Malton by-election result. It finally came just before 4am. Now, my story done, and Tweets complete, it is 5.13am and I have to drive home and then to a job in Sheffield. Yet I am nowhere near as drowsy as the inhabitants of my trap. Hooray! Let us see what tomorrow will bring. Meanwhile here is the result: good for the coalition, extra good for the Lib Dems, bad for Labour:

Anne McIntosh, Conservative 20,167 (52.9%) Howard Keal, Liberal Democrat 8886 (23.3%), Jonathan Roberts, Labour 5169 (13.6 percent), Toby Horton, UKIP 2502 (6.5%), John Clark, Liberal 1418 (3.7%). Majority 10,281 (26.8%)

Notional result for 2005 (for parts of Vale of York and Ryedale which now make up Thirsk & Malton): Conservative 27889 (52.8%) Labour 13202 (25%) Liberal Democrat 9663 (18.3%) Other 2099 (4%) Majority 14687 (27.8%)

Electorate 76231 Votes cast 38,242 (50.04) Postal votes cast 9991 (26% of the total).

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