Sunday, 6 July 2008

Turkish delights

Hooray, I'm back. A bit groggily as not home til 4.30 this morning cos of delays, but Turkey was great & I bought a nice new pair of swimming trunks in Marmaris which have the homely name of 'Bradford'. Life seems easier for moths in Turkey - constant sun while we were there for a fortnight, whereas today in Leeds has (so far) seen clouds, sun, rain, thunder, lightning, torrents... The slightly blurred (sorry) moths in the pic are the Turkish equivalent of Jersey Tigers which roost unusually sociably and give their name to the various 'butterfly valleys' in Turkey and Greece. Their real glory is the scarlet underwing but you need much greater photographic skills than mine to capture that. It's a fine sight when you tug the ivy and they all flutter up.

Actually I did miraculously manage to get this related moth - the Turkish equivalent of our Light Crimson Underwing I think - to show its bloomers, Follies Bergere-style, as it took off from our porch. I hope that gives the idea.

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