Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Fag Ash Lil

The Buff Tip is another occasional visitor to my Mum's porch, and an enjoyably striking one. This one, though, came to the trap last night, albeit in a rather aloof way. Instead of tottering down the funnel and dozing off on the eggboxes with the others, it perched on a nearby bit of heather and went to sleep there. One of the chores with trapping at this time of the year is that you need to distribute the comatose moths round the garden in the morning to avoid them becoming a breakfast buffet for birds. But since the Buff Tip had been there, unmolested, for a couple of hours after birdsong time, I left it. Two hours later, it's still there, quite safe. The wonders of camouflage. Penny says it looks like a twig but I think the birds think it's the butt of some exotic cheroot.

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