Thursday, 12 June 2008

What is a butterfly doing here?

Aha! Not a very good quality picture, I'm afraid. I did it with my 'phone cos, unlike comatose, light-drugged moths, butterflies are very twitchy. It's an Orange Tip - obviously I suppose, although as so often happens in Nature (except among humans) it is the male who gets all the nice colourful stuff. Good heavens, there are even moths where the female has no wings. Anyway, the Orange Tips are busy here in Leeds, along with Holly Blues, Speckled Woods (which first came here about five years ago and have established themselves brilliantly, contrary to prevailing eco-doom) and, best of all, Brimstones. I planted some blackthorn three years ago and must check it for caterpillars next year, in case that has brought these lovely yellow creatures. Incidentally, I saw my first Brimstone this year from a train near Angmering (Sussex) in early April which seems to justify the phrase 'North-South divide' at least so far as sunshine goes (he said through gritted teeth...)

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