Tuesday, 17 June 2008


Sorry. I've been remiss. I've been on about my moth trap for nearly two weeks, without explaining what it is. This (see pic) is what it is. It's called a Robinson trap, which I like (rather than a mercury vapour closed circuit whatever trap in off-putting jargon). I will try to find out who Robinson was and tell you. It consists of the said mercury vapour light on top of a plastic funnel into a sort of huge casserole dish. Fill the latter with eggboxes and the moths come to the light, creep in and kip out. I was very pleased to find that it came from Watkins & Doncaster (http://www.watdon.com/) who provided me with my first net and - I regret to say - killing bottle in 1957. I don't actually know what a mercury vapour light is or why you need one for moths, but I will research that and reveal all when I have time. Final thought: moth traps are VERY VERY bright so you need nice neighbours.


Anonymous said...

his is really, really interesting! Moths are wonderful creatures..... Cheryl

MartinWainwright said...

Hi Cheryl - v glad you approve. They are wonderful; and there's something extraordinary about their life cycle. No wonder the classical greek for 'spirit' - psyche - was also used by them for 'butterfly', what with the adult insect emerging from the dull old chrislais or cocoon. All best and thanks for the comment - like comments. M