Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Nearly but not quite

My heart missed a beat this morning when it seemed for a moment that my hopes of attracting a Clifden Nonpareil, the wonderful moth which is spectacularly on the increase in these parts, had been realised. I am checking the area round the trap extra-carefully in the hope of finding one of these lovely creaturesa whose grey camouflaged forewings hide two delicate mauve-lilac stripes on their hindwings.

From a distance - photo below - this V-bomber of a moth looked just possible. But it also didn't seem to be quite big enough and, as I had suspected after my initial 'Woooo!', it turned out to be another Red Underwing, a glorious moth too but quite common in the early Autumn. This was my second in two nights.

The chillier night reduced numbers in the trap but there was the textbook lesson, below, on why the Square-spot has its name.

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