Sunday, 19 May 2019

Damp lover

After yesterday's throng, a very sparsely-populated trap this morning; a few Muslins and Hebrew Characters, one Maybug and some sort of ichneumon wasp - and this: a pretty example of the common but beautifully-patterned and subtly-coloured Silver-ground Carpet moth. I nearly missed the picture as the insect was wide awake and fluttered twice round the trap as I carefully picked out the eggboxes. Luckily it settled for a brief photo before fluttering away and finding a roost in our beech hedge.  The Moth Bible says that it has a liking for damp places and, appropriately, the lawn this morning is sodden with a heavy dew.

The camera on my iPad Mini is not the best, and I am not the cleverest of photographers. But I hope that this picture has sufficient focus to make the close-up above worthwhile, Below, meanwhile, the wider view shows the little moth's size compared to an eggbox.

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