Saturday, 12 May 2018

Belles of St Clement's

This morning's moths brought a welcome change in the colour spectrum which chimes nicely with the livery of my sculling boat, Clementine, which is due to carry me down the Thames to London in September.   The Orange Footman is one of the UK's many moth-y success stories, a suspected immigrants species (sorry for any chilling echoes of current Home Office language) which has expanded from its south-western landfall as far north as Yorkshire. The Brimstone is an old and common favourite, a lovely moth whose equally delightful butterfly namesakes are numerous and active in the current sunny spell. I hope that you have them too, with their pretty companions, Orange-tips.

Pugs always have me foxed and I have applied for help with today's, as usual, to the unfailingly helpful Upper Thames Moths blog. My guess is Brindled.


Wilca99 said...

Hi Martin

I use an app called obsidentify which is Dutch but there is a English version. If you reasonably marked moths (not worn) then it does a good job of identifying most moths including pugs! Might be worth a try?

Bw Tony Wilcock

Martin Wainwright said...

Tony that's invaluable - thanks so much and all warmest