Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas!

Hi one and all and a Merry Christmas plus all warm wishes for the New Year. The trap is packed away and I shall spend the next month or so trying to sort out and send off my records, a very long overdue task.

Meanwhile here is a Christmassy and mothy picture which I found on an internet forum devoted to matters moth.  Its poster imagines appositely that clothes moth larvae will spend many happy hours chewing away at it.  Keep those cashmere sweaters well dosed with strong but not unpleasant scents and meanwhile I hope that you enjoy the mince pies!


Countryside Tales said...

Happy Christmas

Martin Wainwright said...

And I hope that you all had a great time - and all warm wishes for the New Year!

Martin (and moths)

AlexW said...

How were your holidays? Did you get any lepidopterous gifts?

PS: Have you made any charts of species abundance/season/behavior? I would be delighted to see the dynamics of each species under your My Records page.


Martin Wainwright said...

Hi Alex and happy New Year. I'm hoping to get some data up in due course but I'm afraid that it won't be for a while cos of other commitments. Hope it isn't too cold where you are All v best M