Monday, 13 November 2017

Battling on

A week has gone by, of cold weather mostly, with rain moving in whenever the temperatures rise a little. It was so damp the other night that the moth trap went out and tripped our main fuses, causing me to creep around in the small hours with a torch to put things right.

I haven't lit the lamp since then, but the night's haul was worth the hassle, in the modest terms of this fag-end of the mothing season. I love the Sprawler, shown above on my wrinkly hand and in its original position on the wall of the house near the light. And the Feathered Thorn below is a lovely russet beast with very fine antennae on the male.

December moths - next pic - are reliable visitors, meanwhile, and it's pretty standard practice to get what I think is a Winter Moth, the final illustration today.


Zoe Randle said...

Hi Martin

You didn't email me. I wanted to check that you knew about the Moth Atlas auction that Butterfly Conservation are running. Please let me know if you want more details. Best wishes

Martin Wainwright said...

Oh sorry Zoe I'll check back but anyway I wd be interested and my email is All v best M